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Scott A. Roberts
ICQ: 2425719
AOL: robesa69
Voice Mail & Fax: 509-472-3589

If you are like me, you hate searching through the TV Guide, and you hate to scroll through all 110-or-so channels on your local cable channel guide channel.  Well, now there is a solution.  PTVL!

PTVL has two parts.  The first, a small client that runs on your Pocket PC to display the channel listings.  The second, is the Guide Scraper application.

PTVL on the Pocket PC

Before running PTVL for the first time, you will want to configure Guide Scrapper and have it scrape the information and sync it to your palm.  

When you run the PTVL client on your Pocket PC, the display goes to the current time displaying only the channels that you have selected.  From this screen you have several options.  You can search for shows, set reminders for upcoming shows, or view program details.  The application is extremely simple to use, and navigate.

Looking for a special show...run a search.  Looking for a particular category of show (Drama, Documentary, etc.)...run a search.  The search tool in PTVL is invaluable.

Want to know the details of a particular program...hold your stylus on that program and the menu pops up that allows you to view the Program Details.  Never wonder what a show is about.  PTVL brings that detail right to the palm of your hand.

The PTVL application is fully Skin-able.   New 'skins' are be created frequently.

Guide Scraper

The Guide Scraper is the real heart of the PTVL application.  The guide scraper is the program that runs on your PC that allows you to customize what channels you poll and sync to the PTVL application.  The Guide Scraper gets its information right from the TV Guide web site (http://www.tvguide.com)  Look at some of the features that the Guide Scraper offers you:

  • Select only the channels that you watch -- leave out those that have no value to you.
  • Select the times that suit you the best -- I only pull the shows for the times that I am at home.
  • Select to number of future days for which to pull data -- The Guide Scraper does not run automatically.  You have to run it and tell it to pull the data, so you can se the number of days in advance for which Guide Scraper will pull information.  You can pull up to 7 days of TV Listings.
  • Select the Program Details that you want -- I pull TV Guide data to my Pocket PC for 2pm until 11:30pm.  However, I only care about the Program Detail (description of the show) for the shows that are on from 6pm until 11:pm.  This is just another way that you can filter how much data is synced to your handheld device.

I use this application all the time.  I do not buy the TV Guide -- I use my Pocket PC.  Not only do I use this application while at home, but I use it on the road to.  If I know that I am going to be out of town, I program Guide Scraper to pull the TV Listings from the city to which I will be traveling.  Before I even leave for my trip, I know what channels all my favorite shows are on.

For more details on the PTVL application, go to http://ptvl.thumbsupsoft.com/.  Here you can take a tour of the PTVL application and download a demo 

You can purchase a copy of PTVL at http://ptvl.thumbsupsoft.com/.  The FULL version of the program is just $20.00 -- definitely a great deal for the money!!!

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